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What Is Hardmetal?

Hardmetal calls tungsten carbide or alloy ,Carbide (also known as Widia, Cemented Carbide or Tungsten Carbide) is a material used in mechanical machining consisting of hard Tungsten Carbide particles incorporated in a metal matrix (often Cobalt). Carbide is produced thanks to the sintering process; in other words, the fine powders of the components are mixed, pressed and then heated. Therefore, the pressure is kept high, so that the powder granules come together to form a single piece. This means that hard metals are not real metals but carbides bound by a metal. About 50% of the cemented carbides are produced with Tungsten Carbide (70-95%) and Cobalt.

Tungsten carbide

It looks like a dark gray powder. Its molecular formula is WC. It is a very hard material, which ranks around 9 on the Mohs scale and around 2600 on the Vickers scale. It has a density of 15.63 g / cm3 as per the metal density table, so it requires too high melting or sintering temperatures to be used pure. For practical use it is combined with transition metals such as cobalt or nickel.


It is an excellent bond for hard metal. To improve the transverse breaking strength, hardness and density of the cemented carbide, a cobalt powder with very fine particles is used.


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