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Nova Carbide offers a full range of carbide grades in both cobalt and nickel binders. These include micrograin grades for applications requiring exceptional combinations of wear resistance and tensile strength, proprietary chromium-bearing grades for use in highly corrosive environments, and high cobalt binder grades for production tooling applications demanding high toughness and impact strength. Industries served by Nova’s tungsten carbide products include oilfield services, fluid control, metalforming, pollution control, food processing, metalworking, and waste management.

Tungsten Heavy Metals are alloys of tungsten, iron, and nickel or copper that are among the densest materials commercially available. Produced by powder metallurgical techniques similar to those employed in the manufacture of cemented carbides, tungsten heavy metal alloys are most frequently used where a heavy weight must be contained in a limited space or vibration must be minimized. These alloys also exhibit superior radiation shielding and beam collimation well as custom grades to meet special customer requirements.
our company has 15 years of experience in the wear parts field. We provide carbide wear parts for a wide range of industries such as the Turbin Flowmeter Industry, Mining Industry and Medical Field. Additionally, we supply parts for Ammunition Tooling, Oil & Gas Industries as well as the Automotive Industry, Textile Industry, Aerospace and many others.

Because of our experience, we are able to provide quality carbide wear part solutions to a vast array of applications across broad industries?that will meet all your specifications.
Even more, we are excited about this field of industry to which we have devoted our lives, and therefore truly look forward to working with you and your company!



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